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Heading towards Bone Marrow Transplant

I was diagnosed 6 months back with high risk MDS with inversion 3. Was on Vidaza for 4 cycles. That dint work. The blast  % increased and also got a trisomy 8 detected. Was put on induction therapy last month with severe side effects. The blast % looked favorable for a transplantation. Had a conclusive treatment last week (6 doses of Cytarabine). At home now. Netropenic and tired. Heading for the bone marrow transplant next month. 

Mentally ready for the procedure but a bit worried about GVHD. Not exactly sure what to expect. 

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I want to say welcome to this great group of supporters. We are fighting a different kind of cancer but our journeys are similar. I think others may well step up with useful information, I just don't have any myself at this time. Having a bone marrow transplant is a big step and I know they wouldn't be doing it unless they thought it was going to make a difference for you. Godspeed.
Hi Padmaja,

Enjoy recovery from your last chemo. I did the same thing two years ago, and it always felt so good when my blood count would recover after chemo. I had a stem cell transplant in August of 2016. It is quite an experience. Recovery is very slow. I did develop some GVHD, but I am doing better now. Send me a private message if you have questions about transplant or GVHD.
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